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The sport of squash has been a passion of mine for years. I grew up photographing a variety of subjects, but I put the camera down in college.

After realizing that the sport I loved was not being showcased, I picked up my camera again, and well, the rest is viewable on mtbello.com.

There are many challenges to shooting squash: the lighting, the positioning of players, the court layouts, etc., and I've used different cameras, lenses, protective camera boxes ("squash boxes"), and wireless shutter releases to attempt to capture the best possible images. My goal is to tell the fascinating stories of the game and its players.

College squash is full of history and tradition, which makes it incredible to photograph. Since 2009, I've been the chief photographer for the College Squash Association. During that time, I've photographed hundreds of collegiate squash matches, including the Men's National Team Championships, Women's National Team Championships, and Individual Team Championships.

My images have been featured on the CSA website, US Squash website, numerous college websites, and print publications, such as Squash Magazine, Princeton Alumni Weekly, the Rochester Review, and the Yale Alumni Magazine.

In addition to still photography, I also produce videos. Most of my videos are on this site; however, many of my videos are also on the College Squash Association's YouTube Channel.

During the summer months, I often photograph charity matches and squash camps, as well as regional competitions.

If you are hosting a squash tournament or event, please contact me. I would love to capture the excitement of squash through photography.

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